Atomic-level structure of the entire HIV-1 capsid

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Mature HIV-1 capsid structure by cryo-electron microscopy and all-atom molecular dynamics.

Zhao, G.Perilla, J.R.Yufenyuy, E.L.Meng, X.Chen, B.Ning, J.Ahn, J.Gronenborn, A.M.Schulten, K.Aiken, C.Zhang, P.

(2013) Nature 497: 643-646

  • DOI: https://doi.org/10.1038/nature12162
  • Primary Citation of Related Structures:  
    3J34, 3J3Q, 3J3Y, 3J4F

  • PubMed Abstract: 
  • Retroviral capsid proteins are conserved structurally but assemble into different morphologies. The mature human immunodeficiency virus-1 (HIV-1) capsid is best described by a 'fullerene cone' model, in which hexamers of the capsid protein are linked to form a hexagonal surface lattice that is closed by incorporating 12 capsid-protein pentamers ...

    Retroviral capsid proteins are conserved structurally but assemble into different morphologies. The mature human immunodeficiency virus-1 (HIV-1) capsid is best described by a 'fullerene cone' model, in which hexamers of the capsid protein are linked to form a hexagonal surface lattice that is closed by incorporating 12 capsid-protein pentamers. HIV-1 capsid protein contains an amino-terminal domain (NTD) comprising seven α-helices and a β-hairpin, a carboxy-terminal domain (CTD) comprising four α-helices, and a flexible linker with a 310-helix connecting the two structural domains. Structures of the capsid-protein assembly units have been determined by X-ray crystallography; however, structural information regarding the assembled capsid and the contacts between the assembly units is incomplete. Here we report the cryo-electron microscopy structure of a tubular HIV-1 capsid-protein assembly at 8 Å resolution and the three-dimensional structure of a native HIV-1 core by cryo-electron tomography. The structure of the tubular assembly shows, at the three-fold interface, a three-helix bundle with critical hydrophobic interactions. Mutagenesis studies confirm that hydrophobic residues in the centre of the three-helix bundle are crucial for capsid assembly and stability, and for viral infectivity. The cryo-electron-microscopy structures enable modelling by large-scale molecular dynamics simulation, resulting in all-atom models for the hexamer-of-hexamer and pentamer-of-hexamer elements as well as for the entire capsid. Incorporation of pentamers results in closer trimer contacts and induces acute surface curvature. The complete atomic HIV-1 capsid model provides a platform for further studies of capsid function and for targeted pharmacological intervention.

    Organizational Affiliation

    Department of Structural Biology, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15260, USA.

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Entity ID: 1
MoleculeChainsSequence LengthOrganismDetailsImage
capsid protein
A [auth g8],
AA [auth gw],
AAA [auth 7c],
AB [auth gU],
ABA [auth 7C],
AC [auth hh],
ACA [auth 82],
AD [auth hF],
ADA [auth 8s],
AE [auth i3],
AEA [auth 8S],
AF [auth iq],
AFA [auth 9i],
AG [auth iO],
AGA [auth 9I],
AH [auth 1U],
AHA [auth a6],
AI [auth jz],
AIA [auth 12],
AJ [auth jX],
AJA [auth aR],
AK [auth kk],
AKA [auth bf],
AL [auth kI],
ALA [auth bC],
AM [auth l6],
AMA [auth c0],
AN [auth lt],
ANA [auth co],
AO [auth lR],
AOA [auth cL],
AP [auth 2A],
APA [auth d9],
AQ [auth 30],
AQA [auth dx],
AR [auth 3q],
ARA [auth dU],
AS [auth 3Q],
ASA [auth ei],
AT [auth 4g],
ATA [auth 1s],
AU [auth 4G],
AUA [auth f3],
AV [auth 56],
AVA [auth fr],
AW [auth 5w],
AWA [auth fO],
AX [auth 5W],
AXA [auth d],
AY [auth 6m],
AYA [auth B],
AZ [auth 6M],
AZA [auth 6],
B [auth g9],
BA [auth gx],
BAA [auth 7d],
BB [auth gV],
BBA [auth 7D],
BC [auth hi],
BCA [auth 83],
BD [auth hG],
BDA [auth 8t],
BE [auth 1N],
BEA [auth 8T],
BF [auth ir],
BFA [auth 9j],
BG [auth iP],
BGA [auth 9J],
BH [auth jc],
BHA [auth a7],
BI [auth jA],
BIA [auth au],
BJ [auth jY],
BJA [auth aS],
BK [auth kl],
BKA [auth bg],
BL [auth kJ],
BLA [auth bD],
BM [auth l7],
BMA [auth c1],
BN [auth lu],
BNA [auth cp],
BO [auth 2b],
BOA [auth cM],
BP [auth 2B],
BPA [auth da],
BQ [auth 31],
BQA [auth 1l],
BR [auth 3r],
BRA [auth dV],
BS [auth 3R],
BSA [auth ej],
BT [auth 4h],
BTA [auth eG],
BU [auth 4H],
BUA [auth f4],
BV [auth 57],
BVA [auth fs],
BW [auth 5x],
BWA [auth fP],
BX [auth 5X],
BXA [auth e],
BY [auth 6n],
BYA [auth C],
BZ [auth 6N],
BZA [auth 7],
C [auth ga],
CA [auth gy],
CAA [auth 7e],
CB [auth 1G],
CBA [auth 7E],
CC [auth hj],
CCA [auth 84],
CD [auth hH],
CDA [auth 8u],
CE [auth i4],
CEA [auth 8U],
CF [auth is],
CFA [auth 9k],
CG [auth iQ],
CGA [auth 9K],
CH [auth jd],
CHA [auth a8],
CI [auth jB],
CIA [auth av],
CJ [auth jZ],
CJA [auth aT],
CK [auth km],
CKA [auth bh],
CL [auth kK],
CLA [auth bE],
CM [auth 26],
CMA [auth c2],
CN [auth lv],
CNA [auth 1e],
CO [auth 2c],
COA [auth cN],
CP [auth 2C],
CPA [auth db],
CQ [auth 32],
CQA [auth dy],
CR [auth 3s],
CRA [auth dW],
CS [auth 3S],
CSA [auth ek],
CT [auth 4i],
CTA [auth eH],
CU [auth 4I],
CUA [auth f5],
CV [auth 58],
CVA [auth ft],
CW [auth 5y],
CWA [auth fQ],
CX [auth 5Y],
CXA [auth f],
CY [auth 6o],
CYA [auth D],
CZ [auth 6O],
CZA [auth 8],
D [auth gb],
DA [auth gz],
DAA [auth 7f],
DB [auth gW],
DBA [auth 7F],
DC [auth hk],
DCA [auth 85],
DD [auth hI],
DDA [auth 8v],
DE [auth i5],
DEA [auth 8V],
DF [auth it],
DFA [auth 9l],
DG [auth iR],
DGA [auth 9L],
DH [auth je],
DHA [auth a9],
DI [auth jC],
DIA [auth aw],
DJ [auth 1Z],
DJA [auth aU],
DK [auth kn],
DKA [auth 17],
DL [auth kL],
DLA [auth bF],
DM [auth l8],
DMA [auth c3],
DN [auth lw],
DNA [auth cq],
DO [auth 2d],
DOA [auth cO],
DP [auth 2D],
DPA [auth dc],
DQ [auth 33],
DQA [auth dz],
DR [auth 3t],
DRA [auth dX],
DS [auth 3T],
DSA [auth el],
DT [auth 4j],
DTA [auth eI],
DU [auth 4J],
DUA [auth f6],
DV [auth 59],
DVA [auth 1x],
DW [auth 5z],
DWA [auth fR],
DX [auth 5Z],
DXA [auth g],
DY [auth 6p],
DYA [auth 3],
DZ [auth 6P],
DZA [auth 9],
E [auth gc],
EA [auth gA],
EAA [auth 7g],
EB [auth gX],
EBA [auth 7G],
EC [auth hl],
ECA [auth 86],
ED [auth hJ],
EDA [auth 8w],
EE [auth i6],
EEA [auth 8W],
EF [auth iu],
EFA [auth 9m],
EG [auth 1S],
EGA [auth 9M],
EH [auth jf],
EHA [auth 10],
EI [auth jD],
EIA [auth ax],
EJ [auth k0],
EJA [auth aV],
EK [auth ko],
EKA [auth bi],
EL [auth kM],
ELA [auth bG],
EM [auth l9],
EMA [auth c4],
EN [auth lx],
ENA [auth cr],
EO [auth 2e],
EOA [auth cP],
EP [auth 2E],
EPA [auth dd],
EQ [auth 34],
EQA [auth dA],
ER [auth 3u],
ERA [auth dY],
ES [auth 3U],
ESA [auth 1q],
ET [auth 4k],
ETA [auth eJ],
EU [auth 4K],
EUA [auth f7],
EV [auth 5a],
EVA [auth fu],
EW [auth 5A],
EWA [auth fS],
EX [auth 60],
EXA [auth h],
EY [auth 6q],
EYA [auth E],
EZ [auth 6Q],
F [auth gd],
FA [auth gB],
FAA [auth 7h],
FB [auth gY],
FBA [auth 7H],
FC [auth hm],
FCA [auth 87],
FD [auth 1L],
FDA [auth 8x],
FE [auth i7],
FEA [auth 8X],
FF [auth iv],
FFA [auth 9n],
FG [auth iS],
FGA [auth 9N],
FH [auth jg],
FHA [auth aa],
FI [auth jE],
FIA [auth ay],
FJ [auth k1],
FJA [auth aW],
FK [auth kp],
FKA [auth bj],
FL [auth kN],
FLA [auth bH],
FM [auth la],
FMA [auth c5],
FN [auth ly],
FNA [auth cs],
FO [auth 2f],
FOA [auth cQ],
FP [auth 2F],
FPA [auth 1j],
FQ [auth 35],
FQA [auth dB],
FR [auth 3v],
FRA [auth dZ],
FS [auth 3V],
FSA [auth em],
FT [auth 4l],
FTA [auth eK],
FU [auth 4L],
FUA [auth f8],
FV [auth 5b],
FVA [auth fv],
FW [auth 5B],
FWA [auth fT],
FX [auth 61],
FXA [auth i],
FY [auth 6r],
FYA [auth F],
FZ [auth 6R],
G [auth ge],
GA [auth 1E],
GAA [auth 7i],
GB [auth gZ],
GBA [auth 7I],
GC [auth hn],
GCA [auth 88],
GD [auth hK],
GDA [auth 8y],
GE [auth i8],
GEA [auth 8Y],
GF [auth iw],
GFA [auth 9o],
GG [auth iT],
GGA [auth 9O],
GH [auth jh],
GHA [auth ab],
GI [auth jF],
GIA [auth az],
GJ [auth k2],
GJA [auth aX],
GK [auth kq],
GKA [auth bk],
GL [auth 24],
GLA [auth bI],
GM [auth lb],
GMA [auth 1c],
GN [auth lz],
GNA [auth ct],
GO [auth 2g],
GOA [auth cR],
GP [auth 2G],
GPA [auth de],
GQ [auth 36],
GQA [auth dC],
GR [auth 3w],
GRA [auth e0],
GS [auth 3W],
GSA [auth en],
GT [auth 4m],
GTA [auth eL],
GU [auth 4M],
GUA [auth f9],
GV [auth 5c],
GVA [auth fw],
GW [auth 5C],
GWA [auth fU],
GX [auth 62],
GXA [auth j],
GY [auth 6s],
GYA [auth G],
GZ [auth 6S],
H [auth gf],
HA [auth gC],
HAA [auth 7j],
HB [auth h0],
HBA [auth 7J],
HC [auth ho],
HCA [auth 89],
HD [auth hL],
HDA [auth 8z],
HE [auth i9],
HEA [auth 8Z],
HF [auth ix],
HFA [auth 9p],
HG [auth iU],
HGA [auth 9P],
HH [auth ji],
HHA [auth ac],
HI [auth 1X],
HIA [auth aA],
HJ [auth k3],
HJA [auth 15],
HK [auth kr],
HKA [auth bl],
HL [auth kO],
HLA [auth bJ],
HM [auth lc],
HMA [auth c6],
HN [auth lA],
HNA [auth cu],
HO [auth 2h],
HOA [auth cS],
HP [auth 2H],
HPA [auth df],
HQ [auth 37],
HQA [auth dD],
HR [auth 3x],
HRA [auth e1],
HS [auth 3X],
HSA [auth eo],
HT [auth 4n],
HTA [auth eM],
HU [auth 4N],
HUA [auth 1v],
HV [auth 5d],
HVA [auth fx],
HW [auth 5D],
HWA [auth fV],
HX [auth 63],
HXA [auth 1],
HY [auth 6t],
HYA [auth H],
HZ [auth 6T],
I [auth gg],
IA [auth gD],
IAA [auth 7k],
IB [auth h1],
IBA [auth 7K],
IC [auth hp],
ICA [auth 8a],
ID [auth hM],
IDA [auth 8A],
IE [auth ia],
IEA [auth 90],
IF [auth 1Q],
IFA [auth 9q],
IG [auth iV],
IGA [auth Y],
IH [auth jj],
IHA [auth ad],
II [auth jG],
IIA [auth aB],
IJ [auth k4],
IJA [auth aY],
IK [auth ks],
IKA [auth bm],
IL [auth kP],
ILA [auth bK],
IM [auth ld],
IMA [auth c7],
IN [auth lB],
INA [auth cv],
IO [auth 2i],
IOA [auth cT],
IP [auth 2I],
IPA [auth dg],
IQ [auth 38],
IQA [auth dE],
IR [auth 3y],
IRA [auth 1o],
IS [auth 3Y],
ISA [auth ep],
IT [auth 4o],
ITA [auth eN],
IU [auth 4O],
IUA [auth fa],
IV [auth 5e],
IVA [auth fy],
IW [auth 5E],
IWA [auth fW],
IX [auth 64],
IXA [auth k],
IY [auth 6u],
IYA [auth I],
IZ [auth 6U],
J [auth gh],
JA [auth gE],
JAA [auth 7l],
JB [auth h2],
JBA [auth 7L],
JC [auth 1J],
JCA [auth 8b],
JD [auth hN],
JDA [auth 8B],
JE [auth ib],
JEA [auth 91],
JF [auth iy],
JFA [auth 9r],
JG [auth iW],
JGA [auth 9Q],
JH [auth jk],
JHA [auth ae],
JI [auth jH],
JIA [auth aC],
JJ [auth k5],
JJA [auth aZ],
JK [auth kt],
JKA [auth bn],
JL [auth kQ],
JLA [auth bL],
JM [auth le],
JMA [auth c8],
JN [auth 29],
JNA [auth cw],
JO [auth 2j],
JOA [auth 1h],
JP [auth 2J],
JPA [auth dh],
JQ [auth 39],
JQA [auth dF],
JR [auth 3z],
JRA [auth e2],
JS [auth 3Z],
JSA [auth eq],
JT [auth 4p],
JTA [auth eO],
JU [auth 4P],
JUA [auth fb],
JV [auth 5f],
JVA [auth fz],
JW [auth 5F],
JWA [auth fX],
JX [auth 65],
JXA [auth l],
JY [auth 6v],
JYA [auth J],
JZ [auth 6V],
K [auth 1C],
KA [auth gF],
KAA [auth 7m],
KB [auth h3],
KBA [auth 7M],
KC [auth hq],
KCA [auth 8c],
KD [auth hO],
KDA [auth 8C],
KE [auth ic],
KEA [auth 92],
KF [auth iz],
KFA [auth 9s],
KG [auth iX],
KGA [auth 9R],
KH [auth jl],
KHA [auth af],
KI [auth jI],
KIA [auth aD],
KJ [auth k6],
KJA [auth b0],
KK [auth 22],
KKA [auth bo],
KL [auth kR],
KLA [auth 1a],
KM [auth lf],
KMA [auth c9],
KN [auth lC],
KNA [auth cx],
KO [auth 2k],
KOA [auth cU],
KP [auth 2K],
KPA [auth di],
KQ [auth 3a],
KQA [auth dG],
KR [auth 3A],
KRA [auth e3],
KS [auth 40],
KSA [auth er],
KT [auth 4q],
KTA [auth eP],
KU [auth 4Q],
KUA [auth fc],
KV [auth 5g],
KVA [auth fA],
KW [auth 5G],
KWA [auth 1A],
KX [auth 66],
KXA [auth m],
KY [auth 6w],
KYA [auth K],
KZ [auth 6W],
L [auth gi],
LA [auth gG],
LAA [auth 7n],
LB [auth h4],
LBA [auth 7N],
LC [auth hr],
LCA [auth 8d],
LD [auth hP],
LDA [auth 8D],
LE [auth id],
LEA [auth 93],
LF [auth iA],
LFA [auth 9t],
LG [auth iY],
LGA [auth 9S],
LH [auth 1V],
LHA [auth ag],
LI [auth jJ],
LIA [auth 13],
LJ [auth k7],
LJA [auth b1],
LK [auth ku],
LKA [auth bp],
LL [auth kS],
LLA [auth bM],
LM [auth lg],
LMA [auth ca],
LN [auth lD],
LNA [auth cy],
LO [auth 2l],
LOA [auth cV],
LP [auth 2L],
LPA [auth dj],
LQ [auth 3b],
LQA [auth dH],
LR [auth 3B],
LRA [auth e4],
LS [auth 41],
LSA [auth es],
LT [auth 4r],
LTA [auth 1t],
LU [auth 4R],
LUA [auth fd],
LV [auth 5h],
LVA [auth fB],
LW [auth 5H],
LWA [auth fY],
LX [auth 67],
LXA [auth n],
LY [auth 6x],
LYA [auth L],
LZ [auth 6X],
M [auth gj],
MA [auth gH],
MAA [auth 7o],
MB [auth h5],
MBA [auth 7O],
MC [auth hs],
MCA [auth 8e],
MD [auth hQ],
MDA [auth 8E],
ME [auth 1O],
MEA [auth 94],
MF [auth iB],
MFA [auth 9u],
MG [auth iZ],
MGA [auth 9T],
MH [auth jm],
MHA [auth ah],
MI [auth jK],
MIA [auth aE],
MJ [auth k8],
MJA [auth b2],
MK [auth kv],
MKA [auth bq],
ML [auth kT],
MLA [auth bN],
MM [auth lh],
MMA [auth cb],
MN [auth lE],
MNA [auth cz],
MO [auth 2m],
MOA [auth cW],
MP [auth 2M],
MPA [auth dk],
MQ [auth 3c],
MQA [auth 1m],
MR [auth 3C],
MRA [auth e5],
MS [auth 42],
MSA [auth et],
MT [auth 4s],
MTA [auth eQ],
MU [auth 4S],
MUA [auth fe],
MV [auth 5i],
MVA [auth fC],
MW [auth 5I],
MWA [auth fZ],
MX [auth 68],
MXA [auth o],
MY [auth 6y],
MYA [auth M],
MZ [auth 6Y],
N [auth gk],
NA [auth gI],
NAA [auth 7p],
NB [auth 1H],
NBA [auth 7P],
NC [auth ht],
NCA [auth 8f],
ND [auth hR],
NDA [auth 8F],
NE [auth ie],
NEA [auth 95],
NF [auth iC],
NFA [auth 9v],
NG [auth j0],
NGA [auth 9U],
NH [auth jn],
NHA [auth ai],
NI [auth jL],
NIA [auth aF],
NJ [auth k9],
NJA [auth b3],
NK [auth kw],
NKA [auth br],
NL [auth kU],
NLA [auth bO],
NM [auth 27],
NMA [auth cc],
NN [auth lF],
NNA [auth 1f],
NO [auth 2n],
NOA [auth cX],
NP [auth 2N],
NPA [auth dl],
NQ [auth 3d],
NQA [auth dI],
NR [auth 3D],
NRA [auth e6],
NS [auth 43],
NSA [auth eu],
NT [auth 4t],
NTA [auth eR],
NU [auth 4T],
NUA [auth ff],
NV [auth 5j],
NVA [auth fD],
NW [auth 5J],
NWA [auth g0],
NX [auth 69],
NXA [auth p],
NY [auth 6z],
NYA [auth N],
NZ [auth 6Z],
O [auth gl],
OA [auth gJ],
OAA [auth 7q],
OB [auth h6],
OBA [auth 7Q],
OC [auth hu],
OCA [auth 8g],
OD [auth hS],
ODA [auth 8G],
OE [auth if],
OEA [auth 96],
OF [auth iD],
OFA [auth 9w],
OG [auth j1],
OGA [auth 9V],
OH [auth jo],
OHA [auth aj],
OI [auth jM],
OIA [auth aG],
OJ [auth 20],
OJA [auth b4],
OK [auth kx],
OKA [auth 18],
OL [auth kV],
OLA [auth bP],
OM [auth li],
OMA [auth cd],
ON [auth lG],
ONA [auth cA],
OO [auth 2o],
OOA [auth cY],
OP [auth 2O],
OPA [auth dm],
OQ [auth 3e],
OQA [auth dJ],
OR [auth 3E],
ORA [auth e7],
OS [auth 44],
OSA [auth ev],
OT [auth 4u],
OTA [auth eS],
OU [auth 4U],
OUA [auth fg],
OV [auth 5k],
OVA [auth 1y],
OW [auth 5K],
OWA [auth g1],
OX [auth 6a],
OXA [auth q],
OY [auth 6A],
OYA [auth 4],
OZ [auth 70],
P [auth gm],
PA [auth gK],
PAA [auth 7r],
PB [auth h7],
PBA [auth 7R],
PC [auth hv],
PCA [auth 8h],
PD [auth hT],
PDA [auth 8H],
PE [auth ig],
PEA [auth 97],
PF [auth iE],
PFA [auth 9x],
PG [auth 1T],
PGA [auth 9W],
PH [auth jp],
PHA [auth 11],
PI [auth jN],
PIA [auth aH],
PJ [auth ka],
PJA [auth b5],
PK [auth ky],
PKA [auth bs],
PL [auth kW],
PLA [auth bQ],
PM [auth lj],
PMA [auth ce],
PN [auth lH],
PNA [auth cB],
PO [auth 2p],
POA [auth cZ],
PP [auth 2P],
PPA [auth dn],
PQ [auth 3f],
PQA [auth dK],
PR [auth 3F],
PRA [auth e8],
PS [auth 45],
PSA [auth 1r],
PT [auth 4v],
PTA [auth eT],
PU [auth 4V],
PUA [auth fh],
PV [auth 5l],
PVA [auth fE],
PW [auth 5L],
PWA [auth g2],
PX [auth 6b],
PXA [auth r],
PY [auth 6B],
PYA [auth O],
PZ [auth 71],
Q [auth gn],
QA [auth gL],
QAA [auth 7s],
QB [auth h8],
QBA [auth 7S],
QC [auth hw],
QCA [auth 8i],
QD [auth 1M],
QDA [auth 8I],
QE [auth ih],
QEA [auth 98],
QF [auth iF],
QFA [auth 9y],
QG [auth j2],
QGA [auth 9X],
QH [auth jq],
QHA [auth ak],
QI [auth jO],
QIA [auth aI],
QJ [auth kb],
QJA [auth b6],
QK [auth kz],
QKA [auth bt],
QL [auth kX],
QLA [auth bR],
QM [auth lk],
QMA [auth cf],
QN [auth lI],
QNA [auth cC],
QO [auth 2q],
QOA [auth d0],
QP [auth 2Q],
QPA [auth 1k],
QQ [auth 3g],
QQA [auth dL],
QR [auth 3G],
QRA [auth e9],
QS [auth 46],
QSA [auth ew],
QT [auth 4w],
QTA [auth eU],
QU [auth 4W],
QUA [auth fi],
QV [auth 5m],
QVA [auth fF],
QW [auth 5M],
QWA [auth g3],
QX [auth 6c],
QXA [auth s],
QY [auth 6C],
QYA [auth P],
QZ [auth 72],
R [auth go],
RA [auth 1F],
RAA [auth 7t],
RB [auth h9],
RBA [auth 7T],
RC [auth hx],
RCA [auth 8j],
RD [auth hU],
RDA [auth 8J],
RE [auth ii],
REA [auth 99],
RF [auth iG],
RFA [auth 9z],
RG [auth j3],
RGA [auth 9Y],
RH [auth jr],
RHA [auth al],
RI [auth jP],
RIA [auth aJ],
RJ [auth kc],
RJA [auth b7],
RK [auth kA],
RKA [auth bu],
RL [auth 25],
RLA [auth bS],
RM [auth ll],
RMA [auth 1d],
RN [auth lJ],
RNA [auth cD],
RO [auth 2r],
ROA [auth d1],
RP [auth 2R],
RPA [auth do],
RQ [auth 3h],
RQA [auth dM],
RR [auth 3H],
RRA [auth ea],
RS [auth 47],
RSA [auth ex],
RT [auth 4x],
RTA [auth eV],
RU [auth 4X],
RUA [auth fj],
RV [auth 5n],
RVA [auth fG],
RW [auth 5N],
RWA [auth g4],
RX [auth 6d],
RXA [auth t],
RY [auth 6D],
RYA [auth Q],
RZ [auth 73],
S [auth gp],
SA [auth gM],
SAA [auth 7u],
SB [auth ha],
SBA [auth 7U],
SC [auth hy],
SCA [auth 8k],
SD [auth hV],
SDA [auth 8K],
SE [auth ij],
SEA [auth 9a],
SF [auth iH],
SFA [auth 9A],
SG [auth j4],
SGA [auth 9Z],
SH [auth js],
SHA [auth am],
SI [auth 1Y],
SIA [auth aK],
SJ [auth kd],
SJA [auth 16],
SK [auth kB],
SKA [auth bv],
SL [auth kY],
SLA [auth bT],
SM [auth lm],
SMA [auth cg],
SN [auth lK],
SNA [auth cE],
SO [auth 2s],
SOA [auth d2],
SP [auth 2S],
SPA [auth dp],
SQ [auth 3i],
SQA [auth dN],
SR [auth 3I],
SRA [auth eb],
SS [auth 48],
SSA [auth ey],
ST [auth 4y],
STA [auth eW],
SU [auth 4Y],
SUA [auth 1w],
SV [auth 5o],
SVA [auth fH],
SW [auth 5O],
SWA [auth g5],
SX [auth 6e],
SXA [auth 2],
SY [auth 6E],
SYA [auth R],
SZ [auth 74],
T [auth gq],
TA [auth gN],
TAA [auth 7v],
TB [auth hb],
TBA [auth 7V],
TC [auth hz],
TCA [auth 8l],
TD [auth hW],
TDA [auth 8L],
TE [auth ik],
TEA [auth 9b],
TF [auth 1R],
TFA [auth 9B],
TG [auth j5],
TGA [auth Z],
TH [auth jt],
THA [auth an],
TI [auth jQ],
TIA [auth aL],
TJ [auth ke],
TJA [auth b8],
TK [auth kC],
TKA [auth bw],
TL [auth kZ],
TLA [auth bU],
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TMA [auth ch],
TN [auth lL],
TNA [auth cF],
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UN [auth 2a],
UNA [auth cG],
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UOA [auth 1i],
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UQ [auth 3k],
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UX [auth 6g],
UXA [auth v],
UY [auth 6G],
UYA [auth T],
UZ [auth 76],
V [auth 1D],
VA [auth gP],
VAA [auth 7x],
VB [auth hd],
VBA [auth 7X],
VC [auth hA],
VCA [auth 8n],
VD [auth hY],
VDA [auth 8N],
VE [auth im],
VEA [auth 9d],
VF [auth iJ],
VFA [auth 9D],
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VGA [auth a1],
VH [auth jv],
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VI [auth jS],
VIA [auth aN],
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VJA [auth ba],
VK [auth 23],
VKA [auth by],
VL [auth l1],
VLA [auth 1b],
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VMA [auth cj],
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VNA [auth cH],
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VOA [auth d4],
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VQA [auth dQ],
VR [auth 3L],
VRA [auth ed],
VS [auth 4b],
VSA [auth eB],
VT [auth 4B],
VTA [auth eZ],
VU [auth 51],
VUA [auth fm],
VV [auth 5r],
VVA [auth fK],
VW [auth 5R],
VWA [auth 1B],
VX [auth 6h],
VXA [auth w],
VY [auth 6H],
VYA [auth U],
VZ [auth 77],
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WEA [auth 9e],
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YDA [auth 8Q],
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YF [auth iM],
YFA [auth 9G],
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YGA [auth a4],
YH [auth jx],
YHA [auth as],
YI [auth jV],
YIA [auth aP],
YJ [auth kj],
YJA [auth bd],
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YKA [auth bB],
YL [auth l4],
YLA [auth bY],
YM [auth 28],
YMA [auth cm],
YN [auth lP],
YNA [auth 1g],
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YOA [auth d7],
YP [auth 2Y],
YPA [auth dv],
YQ [auth 3o],
YQA [auth dS],
YR [auth 3O],
YRA [auth eg],
YS [auth 4e],
YSA [auth eE],
YT [auth 4E],
YTA [auth f1],
YU [auth 54],
YUA [auth fp],
YV [auth 5u],
YVA [auth fN],
YW [auth 5U],
YWA [auth b],
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YYA [auth X],
YZ [auth 7a],
Z [auth gv],
ZA [auth gT],
ZAA [auth 7B],
ZB [auth hg],
ZBA [auth 81],
ZC [auth hE],
ZCA [auth 8r],
ZD [auth i2],
ZDA [auth 8R],
ZE [auth ip],
ZEA [auth 9h],
ZF [auth iN],
ZFA [auth 9H],
ZG [auth jb],
ZGA [auth a5],
ZH [auth jy],
ZHA [auth at],
ZI [auth jW],
ZIA [auth aQ],
ZJ [auth 21],
ZJA [auth be],
ZK [auth kH],
ZKA [auth 19],
ZL [auth l5],
ZLA [auth bZ],
ZM [auth ls],
ZMA [auth cn],
ZN [auth lQ],
ZNA [auth cK],
ZO [auth 2z],
ZOA [auth d8],
ZP [auth 2Z],
ZPA [auth dw],
ZQ [auth 3p],
ZQA [auth dT],
ZR [auth 3P],
ZRA [auth eh],
ZS [auth 4f],
ZSA [auth eF],
ZT [auth 4F],
ZTA [auth f2],
ZU [auth 55],
ZUA [auth fq],
ZV [auth 5v],
ZVA [auth 1z],
ZW [auth 5V],
ZWA [auth c],
ZX [auth 6l],
ZXA [auth A],
ZY [auth 6L],
ZYA [auth 5],
ZZ [auth 7b]
231Human immunodeficiency virus 1Mutation(s): 1 
Gene Names: gag
Find proteins for Q79791 (Human immunodeficiency virus 1)
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Sequence Clusters30% Identity50% Identity70% Identity90% Identity95% Identity100% Identity
UniProt GroupQ79791
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Experimental Data & Validation

Experimental Data

  • Aggregation State: PARTICLE 
  • Reconstruction Method: TOMOGRAPHY 
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  • Version 1.0: 2013-05-29
    Type: Initial release
  • Version 1.1: 2013-06-12
    Changes: Database references
  • Version 1.2: 2014-07-09
    Changes: Other
  • Version 1.3: 2014-12-10
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  • Version 1.4: 2018-07-18
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