Latest Website Release


New and enhanced features have been added to, including:
* MyPDB storage of annotations on particular PDB entries.  Log in, view a Structure Summary page, and make a note in the MyPDB Personal Annotations Widget.  That message will appear on that page, and on your MyPDB Personal Annotation summary page every time you log in.

* Access to Transporter Classification information.  Browse membrane transport proteins in the PDB archive using the Transporter Classification (TC) system from the Transporter Classification Database (

* New data distribution summaries for search results.  Pie charts are now available to explore query results by SCOP and Enzyme Classification number. Users can use these drill-down options, or 'faceted search' options, to quickly access a set of structures. Any combination of categories is possible.
* Access to data from the Structural Biology Knowledgebase.  From an entry's Structure Summary page, users can see the related models, protein targets, biological annotations, clones and more as provided by the SBKB.

* High-resolution Image Generation.  Simple Viewer, Protein Workshop, and Ligand Explorer have a new option to save high-resolution images in JPEG, PNG, and TIFF formats.

For complete descriptions, see the New Features widget on the RCSB PDB home page.

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