Molecule of the Month reaches 150


Click to view a slideshow of selected Molecule of the Month features.

Click to view a slideshow of selected Molecule of the Month features.

This month's article on Sliding Clamps is the 150th Molecule of the Month installment. With descriptions of molecules from AAA+ proteases to zinc fingers, Molecule of the Month provides an easy introduction to macromolecular structures and the PDB archive. View a slideshow for some other Molecule of the Month milestones by clicking on the image on the right.

Written and illustrated since January 2000 by David S. Goodsell (The Scripps Research Institute), each entry links to high resolution illustrations, suggests topics for further exploration, and hosts customized, interactive 3D molecular views. Specific structures are highlighted each month in the article, and shown in specific PDB-101 views (such as this example of a sliding clamp attached to flap endonuclease 1 (PDB 1ul1)).

As the keystone of the PDB-101 educational resource, the Molecule of the Month supports teachers and students at all levels in their exploration of biology at a structural level.

PDB-101 supports different ways of exploring the Molecule of the Month, including:

Molecule of the Month articles are available from the main RCSB PDB home page, top bar searches, structure search results, and Structure Summary pages.

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