Releasing Structures on Hold for Publication


Of all PDB entries deposited in 2013, 83.7% were submitted with a release status of "hold until publication (HPUB)"; 13.7% were released as soon as annotation of the entry was complete; and 2.6% were held until a particular date.

For structures with HPUB status, entries will be released as part of the weekly update upon confirmation the corresponding article has been published.

The wwPDB receives publication dates and citation information directly from a few journals (see the wwPDB's Information for Journals). For most articles, however, the wwPDB searches PubMed  and scans  the literature for publication information. Citations emailed to are also greatly appreciated.

There is a one-year limit on the length of a hold period, including HPUBs. If the citation for a structure is not published within the one-year period, depositors will be given the option to either release or withdraw the deposition.

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