Crystallography Software

Access user-submitted suggestions of websites related to macromolecular structure.

ARP/wARP A system for the refinement of protein structures via automatic updating and re-building of the model and solvent structure
BUSTER A software system containing crystallographic structure refinement using Bayesian statistical methods (BUSTER), ligand fitting (rhofit) and a fully automated pipeline (Pipedream) to drive a structure based fragment/ligand screening pathway.
CCP4 A suite of programs covering all aspects of crystallographic structure determination, refinement and analysis
CNS A system for structure determination from crystallographic or NMR data
COOT Coot is for macromolecular model building, model completion and validation, particularly suitable for protein modelling using X-ray data.
MAIN An interactively driven suite of programs for molecular modeling, density modification, model refinement and structure analysis
O An interactive system for building and manipulating models in electron density maps
PHENIX Software suite for automated determination using X-ray crystallography and other methods
REFMAC Macromolecular refinement program
SHARP An automated structure solution pipeline built around the heavy-atom refinement and phasing program SHARP, the substructure determination program SHELXD, the density modification program SOLOMON and the model building programs BUCCANEER and ARP/wARP. It allows fully automated structure solution by experimental phasing, from merged reflection data to an initial model, without any user intervention.
SHELX A set of programs for direct structure solution and refinement with high resolution diffraction data
SOLVE An automated system for phase determination from MIR and MAD data
X-PLOR/CNX A program for structure determination from crystallographic or NMR data

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