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07/01 PDB101 News

<I>Collage of RCSB PDB speakers and topics at ACA.</I>Collage of RCSB PDB speakers and topics at ACA.

From July 7-12, RCSB PDB will be at the ACA Annual Meeting in Denver, CO. ACA is the Structural Science Society.

Presentations and activities will include:

  • Sunday July 7 - Wednesday July 10: RCSB PDB Exhibit Booth #408. Stop by to say hello and learn about the latest RCSB PDB news
  • Monday July 8: The all-day Transactions Symposium Structural Science: Sharing Excitement & Appreciation will feature a presentation by David S. Goodsell on Insights from 25 Years of the Molecule of the Month in the afternoon. The symposium will be chaired by Charles Bou-Nader, Louise Dawe, Brandon Mercado, and RCSB PDB's Christine Zardecki
  • Monday July 8: Director Stephen K. Burley will present Protein Data Bank: From Two Epidemics to the Global Pandemic to mRNA Vaccines and Paxlovid in Provenance, Workflow & Responsibility for X-Rays, Neutrons and Electrons – Part 1
  • Monday July 8: In the afternoon session (Provenance, Workflow & Responsibility for X-Rays, Neutrons and Electrons – Part 2), Biocurator Sutapa Ghosh will describe Sixth Decade of Protein Data Bank Operations: Transition to Extended PDB IDs and PDBx/mmCIF Format
  • Monday July 8: Maria Voigt will describe her experiences as a Senior Outreach Coordinator in Challenges and Approaches in Visualizing 3D Protein Structures in Molecular Animations for All Audiences as part of the session on Structure Visualization chaired by Helen Berman (RCSB PDB Director Emerita) and Nichole Valdez
  • Wednesday July 10: Meet Maria at her poster Exploring Validation of PDB Experimental Structures and Computed Structure Models at (Abstract #390, poster PS3-12)

RCSB PDB is also sponsoring the DEI Session: #IAmRemarkable on Wednesday July 10 (Pre-registration Required).

The RCSB PDB Poster Prize will also be awarded to recognize a student poster presentation.

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