Announcing the New PDBx/mmCIF User Guide

06/18 wwPDB News

<I>Benefits of the PDBx/mmCIF ecosystem</I>Benefits of the PDBx/mmCIF ecosystem

We are excited to announce the launch of a detailed PDBx/mmCIF File Format User Guide.

As the foundation for depositing, annotating, and archiving structural data across diverse experimental techniques, the Protein Data Bank Exchange macromolecular Crystallographic Information Framework (PDBx/mmCIF) stands as the master format of the Protein Data Bank. Our user-friendly guide offers detailed explanation and examples of essential PDBx/mmCIF records, aimed to facilitate a smooth transition to this format for depositors and users alike.

The wwPDB anticipates that all four-character PDB IDs will be exhausted by 2028, after which 12-character PDB IDs will be issued. Entries with extended PDB IDs will not be compatible with the legacy PDB file format and will only be available in PDBx/mmCIF format. wwPDB encourages users to transition to the PDBx/mmCIF format as soon as possible.

<I>Example PDBx/mmCIF record of a 12-character PDB ID</I>Example PDBx/mmCIF record of a 12-character PDB ID

We invite all users to participate in a brief survey (accessible from the PDBx/mmCIF File Format User Guide) to share feedback on this guide by December 15, 2024. Your feedback will greatly contribute to future developments.

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