Deposit 3DEM, NMR, and X-ray Structures with new Deposition Tool


Since January 2014, the new wwPDB Deposition & Annotation (D&A) system has been used to submit and annotate >12,000 X-ray structure depositions and to release >6,800 entries in the PDB archive.

The wwPDB has now expanded this system to support structures from 3DEM and NMR experiments.  The wwPDB D&A system interoperates with EMDB and BMRB to enable joint depositions of both atomic coordinates (PDB) and electron density maps (EMDB) or NMR experimental data (BMRB). Both PDB and EMDB/BMRB accession codes will be issued simultaneously after the entry is deposited.

Visit for more information on this new D&A system.

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