Molecular Landscapes: Coronavirus

02/15 PDB101 News

A new painting by David S. Goodsell depicts a coronavirus just entering the lungs, surrounded by mucus secreted by respiratory cells, secreted antibodies, and several small immune systems proteins. The image is available for download from the Molecular Landscapes SciArt Gallery.

This painting is accompanied by the February Molecule of the Month feature on Coronavirus Proteases. The article was inspired by the recent release of PDB structure 6lu7, a high-resolution crystal structure of COVID-19 coronavirus 3CL hydrolase (Mpro) as determined by Zihe Rao and Haitao Yang's research team at ShanghaiTech University.

Goodsell's molecular landscapes are available from PDB-101 in a special SciArt Digital Archive. These watercolor paintings integrate information from structural biology, microscopy and biophysics to simulate detailed views of the molecular structure of living cells. These illustrations are free for use under CC-BY-4.0 license. Acknowledgement should be given as indicated for each illustration.

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