Service Disruptions November 3-10


Recently-introduced Search and Data APIs offer comprehensive functionality and high performance.

As a result, legacy RCSB PDB APIs (REST search and fetch) will be discontinued on December 9, 2020 as announced previously.

To help users identify any issues that need to be adjusted before December 9, these legacy APIs and related services will be inaccessible November 3-11. This includes any URL that begins; legacy fetch and search APIs; and legacy FASTA file download.

In addition select services will be retired or replaced:

  • The Drug and Drug Target Mapping table. Drug-related searches, including DrugBank ID and synonym, are available in Advanced Search.
  • Pairwise Structure Alignment Java viewer. A standalone version of Mol* supports calculating pairwise structure alignments.
  • Download of chemical component experimental/model coordinates in PDB file format; these can be accessed via Ligand Expo.
  • Data download of lists of Human Genes, UniProt Entries in PDB, and Systematic Pre-calculated Protein Structure Alignments. These data may be retrieved using APIs.
  • Download Endnote option on Structure Summary Pages

Some features will return in the future with enhanced capabilities:

  • Human Gene View/Map Genomic Position to Protein Sequence and 3D Structure
  • Metabolic Pathways data integration and Pathway View

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