Introducing Mol*


Access Mol*, a new 3D molecular viewer developed in collaboration between RCSB PDB, PDBe, and CETIEC, from RCSB PDB and PDBe pages. This new viewer allows fast visualization of molecular structures and their corresponding data, along with high-quality rendering within the browser window.

The speed of Mol*, enabling visualization of huge structures in the browser and even on mobile devices, is achieved thanks to the use of binary CIF files, available as static files or delivered from the ModelServer and VolumeServer. This compressed format, delivering only the data that is required, ensures incredibly fast loading of both model and map data from PDB and EMDB entries. In addition to its speed, Mol* has a powerful rendering engine, enabling high quality visualization of molecular structures in various representations.

RCSB PDB News ImageView for Faustovirus (PDB 5j7v) at Toggle between 3D viewers at the bottom of the display.
RCSB PDB News ImageMol* as displayed on the PDBe entry page for 5lnk. The associated EMDB map (EMD-4093) is automatically loaded upon opening the viewer.

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